There are too many sports blogs. Too many. Ever wondered why Ball Don’t Lie bother doing their Ten Man Rotation bit? Because there’s too many sports blogs, and you’ll never find all the good stuff without someone trawling through cyberspace to find the good stuff for you. So lies the reason for the Sunday Six Pack: a weekly look around the NBA blogosphere through our slightly perverted Aussie-tinted sunglasses. Crack open a sixer and enjoy.

ONE: If you hadn’t heard, or in case you missed the last 3 minutes and 4 seconds of the Pistons v Raptors game last week, the big Aussie Nathan Jawai made his NBA debut. Ok so it wasn’t the greatest debut – his only stat was one turnover – but a couple of months ago people were doubting whether Jawai would ever step onto an NBA court (because of his diagnosed heart condition), so it’s certainly cause for celebration.

TWO: Ever wondered what it’s like to be the girlfriend of an NBA player? (my house mate often fantasizes about  being Ray Allen’s girlfriend, and he is a guy). Brie over at The Sport Count takes a look at some of the NBA’s most famous/infamous couples and their better halves. Sex tapes, incest and Superbabies. It’s scandalous fun!

THREE: Should the Phoenix Suns trade Amare Stoudemire? It used to be a half-hearted question you’d pose to Suns fans just to get a reaction. But thanks to Amare’s recent struggles (seriously, how do you play 30 minutes and finish with 3 points and 1 rebound?!?) and whiny bitching, it’s a dead-set possibility. One Suns fan is already talking about a possible Amare for Dirk trade.

FOUR: The Indiana Pacers are growing moustahces? It’s a little early for Movember, but kudos to Mike Dunleavy for what could lead to the funniest on-court action this season. For your information, this isn’t the first time a basketball team has collectively displayed mo’s on the hardwood. Every November my Thursday night team transforms into a band of shady 80′s porn stars – it leads to at least an extra 4-8 fast-break points thanks to the opposition laughing themselves into turnovers. I imagine this is the effect Dunleavy is seeking.

FIVE: The NBL (Australia’s National Basketball League) is finally getting the overhaul it deserves. The new team entry requirements have been released, and mookie over at A Stern Warning takes a look at how some of the team’s may be affected, and the comparisons to the restructuring of the A-League.

SIX: Tony Parker thinks he’s the second best point guard in the league. He also thinks that Andre Miller is a pain in the ass, that he’d get more assists if he played with New Orleans or Phoenix, and that Rajon Rondo is overrated. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and Tony Parker doesn’t give a crap.

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