Howdy! I love Aussie Summers. For me it means barbecued Kanga meat and Carlton Dry with Lime (the Clear Cut 2008 BOTY Rob) around the pool as well as the Triple J’s Hottest 100 (my number 1 vote goes to Cemeteries of London by Coldplay) and the cricket on the tele. But most of all, it means some time for the Draft Blog Part Deux (check out Part I if you haven’t already).

14. Gani Lawal
A name on almost everyone’s lips who follows college ball is Gani Lawal. He’s one of those players whose potential is ridiculous, but his skills set currently is raw. He reminds me a lot of Tyrus Thomas with a more complete inside game (lets face it though, that’s not hard). A project player, and the caliber of established front court players in this draft pushes him back a few more picks than he probably deserves.

13. Patrick Mills
I spoke about the Bogut rule in Part 1 of this draft, and the same rule will undoubtedly apply to Patty Mills. The Bogut rule is simple: you play well enough in international competition against the U.S.A team and show that you can at least compete at their level, and you will be selected higher than you probably should because you won’t be a complete bust. The Aussie speedster is a great prospect for the next level, though will compete with an unbelievably deep point guard class for the ‘next best’ point guard pick.

12. BJ Mullens
The man has suffered due to his play being underwhelming and inconsistent, and the emergence of one or two other prospects in the front court. But no one can doubt his potential as a very handy offensive center – and frankly, follows the 7 foot center rule: they look like serial killers. Either way, he’s a video to show you the kids skills.

11. Demar DeRozan
The guy keeps falling, though his play for Coach Tim Floyd and his Trojan’s seems to be constantly improving. The problem he has is not many teams need a front-line wing, but most need a ‘sidekick’ wing – someone to compliment their all round star. Here’s a video of DeRozan and Romeo Miller signing their letters of Intent for USC a couple of years ago. Romeo Miller you ask? Well that’s little Romeo. Or liddle. Or l’il. Or Lil’. I don’t know, I don’t listen to rap. This is him.

10. Al Farouq Aminu
Jobba’s Al-Farouq Aminu nickname for this part: The Notorious A.F.A. I recently found out that Al-Farouq Aminu is a descendant from Nigerian Kings. This nickname business just got a hell of a lot easier. I got a chance to see Wake Forest play earlier this year. Aminu was impressive, but didn’t show much of a slashing game from the wing, though I know it exists. To be most effective at the next level, he’ll have to make the transition to a wing at some point during his career.

9. DaJuan Summers
A classic Georgetown player – great overall skills and an unselfish attitude. He came up big against my UConn Huskies (who were at the time ranked number 2). I don’t think he’ll be a dominant type of player, but will be a very handy starter at the next level. Most importantly though, despite me being older than him, he looks like he’s a guy who looks twice my age and has experienced twice as much as me with his life. Hang on, I’m writing this blog… so I’m assuming the latter is right on the money.

8. Greg Munroe
Another classic Georgetown big. A great overall player with great skills… and well, see above. Munroe has a great low post game, but also the skills to shoot from outside (despite an extremely slow shooting style) and a very good high post passer. His skill set is a want for most teams in the lottery who lets face it, are probably lacking skilled players, hence ending up in the lottery.

7. Earl Clark
Lets play 6 degrees of separation Idiots Draft Blog style.

Degree 1: Earl Clark, a jack-of-all trades, multi-positional huge potential NBA prospect is at pick 7 in the Idiots Guide to the 2009 NBA Draft Blog.
Degree 2: Currently, the Memphis Grizzlies would have the 7th pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.
Degree 3: Memphis is in the state of Tennessee.
Degree 4: The town of Rockwood is in Tennessee.
Degree 5: Megan Fox is from Rockford, Tennessee.
Degree 6: Here are some pictures of Megan Fox.

6. Stephen Curry
How many players ever get double-teamed for a full game when they don’t get the ball? Well Loyala (MD) did it to Stephen Curry who in turn scored 0 points. Davidson ended up winning by 30. The opposition coached described the reasoning as follows:

“We had to play against an NBA player tonight,” Patsos explained. “Anybody else ever hold him scoreless? I’m a history major. They’re going to remember that we held him scoreless or we lost by 30?”

Jobba’s answer to the rhetorical question: Neither. They remember Stephen Curry got drafted and is making millions of dollars.

5. Jordan Hill
Despite the fact that Jordan Hill would have a career in being Kofi Kingston’s stunt double (which is ridiculous, not many WWE wrestlers would need a stunt double), he seems at this stage almost a lock for a top 10 pick. He’s tall at 6’10, strong, athletic and quick – great physical tools for an NBA player. Lacks experience and has a lot of room for skill improvement, but has been a bright spot in what has to be a frustrating Arizona season this year.

4. Hasheem Thabeet
Hasheem is almost a rarity in today’s college game. The last two drafts he would have been probably drafted top 20 but instead, he decided to go back to Connecticut to learn under Jim Calhoun. As a result, in my eyes he’s now a legitimate top 5 draft prospect. Tall and mobile at 7 foot, with great timing on block shots. His offensive game his continually being refined, but that will never be the staple point of his game.

3. Brandon Jennings
This years point guard class is extremely deep as aforementioned. The question that arises is who will go number 1 overall? They are all different in some way, whether it be physicality or circumstances coming into the draft. But for me, Jennings is number 1 because he is the best facilitator of any point guard in the draft. Small, like all the others, but has almost unrivaled athleticism. Have not seen much of him since he went to the Euroleague, but in the handful of games I have seen of him at Roma, he’s taken a lot of flashiness out of his game, and his understanding of the pick and roll (70% of NBA offense) is improving.

2. James Harden
I love watching this guy. Whilst the Man Crush Blog isn’t due out for a couple of months, he’s moving up the list at a rapid rate. Why? He’s skillful, he’s flashy without being flashy and he gets the job done. Don’t know what I mean? Let this video do the talking.

1. Blake Griffin
It took me one blog to change the number 1 overall pick in the draft, and is the first time that has ever happened in the Idiots Blog Guide. Ah well, Ricky Rubio who I have had as number 1, has publicly said he won’t come out this year. There are reasons behind it but lets use this space to talk about Blake Griffin. I’m glad he wasn’t playing when I was young. I would have been scared of heights, Carlton supporters and Blake Griffin lying under my bed. He’s that scary. He is dominating this season in both scoring and rebounding – and almost single-handedly pushing Oklahoma to a top 5 ranking. Not a new video, but here’s a dunk mix to give you nightmares.

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