A couple of days ago I put together a quiz over on Yardbarker for all the Kobe fans out there, The Kobe Bryant Big Game Quiz. This quiz was meant to be hard and judging by the results so far a lot of people are struggling to even get half the questions right. But I know my NBAMate readers will fare a lot better – you’ve all read my Kobe Bryant Blog Day post so you know everything there is to know about Kobe’s big games. Right? Take the quiz and let me know how you go. If any one gets all 20 questions right I’ll stick your photo in the Wall of Fame.

If you haven’t already signed up to Yardbarker it’s well worth it. Greg Oden and Rajon Rondo have their own blog over there and they’re regularly updating it, not to mention the sh**load of other good stuff on the site.

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