You know how kids always seem to tell things like it is? That candid, naive point of view that simply escapes you when you get old and twisted like Hubie Brown or Stan Van Gundy. We thought it would be fun to ask a few sixth graders some questions about the NBA, their favourite players, their least favourite players, etc. to try and figure out exactly how the basketball world is seen through the eyes of a child. Lucky for us, our resident Knicks Fan Tizzle is a school teacher and while it is concerning that Tiz is corrupting our youth with false Knicks prophecies, judging by the responses of Jett, Izzy and Alec, his efforts have thankfully failed.

Tizzle: Ok, here we have three of the brightest, coolest and most knowledgeable NBA fans in grade six from the school I work in, Jett, Izzy and Alec. Hey boys, let’s get into it. Who is your favourite NBA player?

Jett: Kobe Bryant
Izzy: LeBron James
Alec: Amare Stoudamire

Tizzle: Who do you think is going to win the title this year?

J: I reckon New Orleans
I: Either Boston or Cleveland
A: The Suns

Tizzle: How would you describe my beloved New York Knicks, fabulous OR amazing?

J: Bad
I: Shocking
A: Terrible

Tizzle: The options were fabulous or amazing, but whatever.
When I say the words Dan Majerle what do you think?

J: I dunno?
I: Dan Majerle
A: I think that as well
[Robd Editors note: I'm shocked! The youth of today needs to be educated in the ways of Thunder Dan!]

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Tizzle: If you could chop the legs off any one NBA player who would it be?

J: Shaquille O’Neal
I: Yao Ming
A: Amare Stoudamire haha.

Tizzle: So you want to chop the legs off your favourite player?

A: yes…

Tizzle: Do you prefer the NBA or NBL and why?

J:  NBA because the players are way better than NBL players.
I: Yeah NBA because more excitement and anticipation.
A: NBA because you get to see more dunks.
[Robd Editors note: Sad but true...]

Tizzle: If you could have lunch with two NBA players, past or present, who would it be and why?

J: Magic Johnson and… what’s his name? Oh, Michael Jordan. Because they are legends of the game and they’re awesome.
I: Probabaly Michael Jordan and ahhh… Isiah Thomas because they’re both very good players.
A: Amare Stoudamire and Michael Jordan coz they’re great.

Tizzle: Now it’s time for some word association, I will say something and you need to say the first thing that comes to your mind, but only using one word. We’ll start nice and easy. Michael Jordan.

J: Awesome
I: Legend
A: Hero

Tizzle: Lebron James

J: Hog
I: King
A: Awesome

Tizzle: Andrew Bogut

J: Tall
I: Average
A: Tall with brown hair

Tizzle: One word boof head!

J, I, A: hahaha

Tizzle: New York Knicks

J: Crap
I: Shocking

Tizzle: Lakers.

J: Awesome
I: Legends of the past… ohhh ahhh, past hehe.
A: Hehe, yellow.

Tizzle: Good one. Ok, what would you pay to go see an NBA game, what would be your limit?

J: $1 to $50
I: Whatever I have at home
A: Not over $100

Tizzle: Who is the worst team in the NBA right now in your opinion?

J: New York Knicks
I: Oklahoma Thunder
A:  New York Knicks

Tizzle: Strike that last comment of the record. Alright if you saw an NBA player crying on the bench what would you think of him?

J: He’s a loser
I: Baby
A: A sook

Tizzle: What did you think of the NBA ref who was cheating with the gambling stuff?

J: Its cheating and not good.
I: Pretty clever
A: Must be rich

Tizzle: If you could have one of these players on your team, who would it be? Dwight Howard or Dwayne Wade?

J: Wade because he’s a good shooting guard and a good shooter.

Tizzle: Ok Izzy, Lebron or Kobe?

I: Ahh I’d probably choose Lebron because, well they’re  both incredible, but I just like Lebron more.

Tizzle: And finally Alec, Derek Fisher or Oliver Miller?

A: Derek Fisher coz I’ve heard of him.
[Robd Editors note: Watch out Alec, Oliver Miller might hunt you down and eat you for that comment]

Tizzle: If you were to look into Shaquille O’Neal’s lunchbox what would you find?

J: Maccas
I: Double Big Mac
A: Beef

Tizzle: Jett can you name me three players for the Detroit Pistons?

J:  Billups, Hamilton, no no no. No not Billups I mean Iverson, what’s his name Hamilton, and… nah I don’t know. Oh, and Rasheed Wallace!

Tizzle: Izzy can you name me three players for the Golden State Warriors?

I: Ahhh, Monta Ellis, ummm, ahhh, why’d you have to pick that team it’s a dodgy team, umm. Yeah so you got Monta Ellis, they traded Baron Davis to the Clippers. Nup, that’s it.

Tizzle: And Alec name me three players for the New Jersey Nets.

A: I’m not sure, I’ll go with memory. Ummm New York Nets, what team’s that? Nup.

I: Can I do it? Devin Harris, Vince Carter, umm, nah that’s it.

Tizzle: Have you heard of the Knicks 2010 plan?

J: No
I: Does it involve basketball?
A: Nope

Tizzle: How do keep up to date with NBA?

J: I go on the computer and also watching the games
I: and games
A: TV and

Tizzle: And lastly what do you think of the best Australian NBA site ever?

J: Awesome
I: Best ever
A: Like Michael Jordan haha

Tizzle: Ok thanks lads, go outside and enjoy the rest of your playtime. And Go Knicks!

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