If you don’t already listen to the very entertaining Basketball Jones podcast (now turned video) here’s a good reason to. Skeets gave some love to our own Aussie brand of football at the start of Friday’s show (Episode 362):

If you don’t believe this [the NBA] is the greatest sport in the world, there’s something wrong with you, I’m sorry. NBA Basketball – Australian Rules Football. That’s the order”

Damn straight Skeets! NBAMate fully endorses that order. Good to see some US sports fans recognize the true awesomeness of Aussie Rules football. And for more awesomeness go read my All-NBA AFL Team blog which is probably the greatest piece of NBA/AFL cross-fertilized sports writing in the history of earth.

Just for good measure here is the greatest AFL mark of all time (no Carlton bias whatsoever)…

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And here’s one to add to the Richo Wall of Disapppointment (note that Richo is whining while the ball is still in play just inches away from him)…

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