A few days ago the Aussie hero of the NBA launched his brand new website at www.andrewbogut.net.au. What’s more, he’s blogging on the site on a pretty regular basis so go check it out (you will have to sign up beforehand). A lot of NBA players have their own sites and blogs, but this has gotta be one of the better ones out there because 1) the man is Australian, and 2) we all know Bogut tells is like it is. You can’t deny the man is brutally honest most of the time, this from a few days back:

Our play hasn’t been pretty that’s for sure and for me personally even worse. I don’t feel like I’ve come out and had a great game this whole season. Winning is the most important thing there is no doubt, but we are 3-5 and I feel like i haven’t contributed the way I know I can.

He wrote that blog hours before the San Antonio game where Bogut came out and played his best game of the season. Two days ago the Bucks look set to pull off one of the upsets of the season against the Celtics in Boston, but thanks to another bulls**t Paul Pierce clutch job they just fell short (I have resorted to calling them ‘bulls**t Paul Pierce clutch jobs’ because they’ve been happening so often lately that when you hear about it you kinda just say “ohh bulls**t”). Against the best defensive team in the league the Bogey man exploded for 20 points on 8-14 shooting and 9 rebounds. His form over the last week has been really impressive, so perhaps we can just put it down to a slow start to the season. Never mind what Shaq says, we’re right behind you AB.

Now go dunk on somebody’s head.

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