We’re three days into the season and that means every team has now played at least once. It also means it’s the last time you’ll see every Eastern Top 8 team with a record above .500. Quite a momentous day really.

The inspirational Vince Carter (aka “Captain Carter” which almost makes me vomit) lead his team to a surprise victory against the Wizards yesterday. Gee that Vince is so inspirational, just listen to these super inspiring words…

The young guys, I told them: ‘Play the game because you love it. Have fun. Let the game come to you. If you make a mistake, forget it, don’t compound it.’”

Well, you would know Vince. No one has made more mistakes than you.

Bogut Watch: The big man stuffed the stat sheet for 14 points, 7 rebs, 2 ass, 2 stl, 2 blks yesterday against OKC – the Melbourne Demons of the NBA. After two games Bogut leads the NBA in FG% on a ridiculous 83% shooting! Also nice to see Ridnour follow up his lousey game 1 with a 0-6 shooting display. At least he didn’t get out-played by Tyronne Lue again. Oh wait, he did.

It’s great to see Stephon Marbury buying into the Knicks new selfless team philosophy. He had this to say about D’Antoni’s decision to keep him benched the entire Miami game:

He should do whatever he feels he should do. I can’t control what he does. He’s the coach. If this is what it is, I mean there’s always next year.”

Ahh.. what does that mean exactly? There’s always next year? Is Marbury already mailing in the season? Is that some kind of record? Not even Vince has mailed in a season that early! Play the game because you love it Steph.

News from the Miami Heat camp is that they need to decide whether they are going to suck the entire season, or whether to start winning a few games. According to Captain Wade:

I’ve been on a team like this before and I understand when it goes well, it can go well. And I also know when it goes bad, it can go bad, from last season. So just trying to figure out our identity.”

Hmmm, I would choose the identity that does not involve losing 67 games. Yep, that is definitely the better option of the two.

A classic Sports Tonight moment last night. For any non-Aussie readers, Sports Tonight is our equivalent of SportsCentre. It gets played at about 11pm at night and tends to focus on Australian sports while flashing in brief glimpses of other “unimportant” sports such as the NBA. They tend to exacerbate their already lame coverage by demonstrating their complete lack of knowledge in these sports, and plain straight stupidity. After showing highlights of the Spurs v Suns game, they commented that Shaq was playing a good game yet it was “not enough to stop the Spurs from snatching the win”. It may be worth remembering here that the Spurs actually lost this game. This was not a live-recorded blunder. This was a pre-recorded voice over that got it completely wrong. EPIC FAIL.

Some saving grace for Channel 10 is the recent news they will be launching a 24-hours sports channel next year, which will be showing NBA! When I heard this I immediately set my expectations low as to not get disappointed, much like Foxtel often gets us excited about upcoming NBA games and then doesn’t show them. But you can’t deny this is huge news for the Aussie NBA fan. As many have stated, even if we only get two or three games per week it is a massive step in the right direction. The NBA will become a lot more accessible to everyone. The young kids (and old kids) who can’t convince their parents to fork out the ridiculous cost of cable TV will be able to watch their NBA idols from their living room. It will be a great promotion for the game of basketball in this country. Ask yourself this folks; when was the last time you watched a free-to-air game of NBA? Honestly. I’d probably have to go back to 1998. That is just sad.

Coach Mike Brown had a shocking realisation today about his Cavs after their win over the Bobcats: “This team is deep, at least on paper it’s deep”. Yeah, at least on paper Ben Wallace can play defense and Ilgauskas is an All-Star. If the season was played out on paper you would be awesome Mike Brown!

It’s not often the ESPN game recaps make me laugh out loud, but this one is a ripper:

Before tipoff, Mavs swingman Jerry Stackhouse addressed the crowd, saying, “It’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be fast. Put on your seat belts. Let’s do it!” Then Dallas opened the Carlisle era with a 24-second violation.”

On the subject of ESPN it’s worth noting a few early patterns the Game Recap Title Taskforce (GRTT) have been setting so far. They really like the word “power” at the moment.
Paul’s double-double powers Hornets past Suns
Bosh’s double-double powers Raptors past Sixers
Johnson’s 25 power Hawks’ rally against Magic

Also note today’s Hornets recap title (above), eerily similar to yesterday’s:
Paul’s double-double lifts Hornets past Warriors

In fact there’s only one words difference there. Seems the GRTT are getting very lazy indeed. They’re also using the word “blow” a lot considering we’re only three days into the season:

Artest, Yao shine as Rockets blow by Mavericks
Bryant, Bynum lead Lakers to blowout of Clippers

And as I pointed out last year they need to be very careful when using the word “blow” in the game recap title, because it can sometimes end up sounding a bit rude. We’ll check back on the GRTT in a few days to see how they’re coping.

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