Day 1 of the season finally arrived and didn’t fail to deliver the drama. The Cavs were handed their asses and the Celtics were handed their rings in an extremely emotional ceremony, as their 17th Championship Banner was raised to the ceiling. I love Paul Pierce, more than most non-Boston fans. And I know it must have been a pretty moving experience seeing the banner go up, especially being a Celtic for his entire career. But I have no choice, today he earned a HTFU. It’s Day 1 and we’re back to business.

The Celtics v Cavs match up was a typical grind-out affair that saw Lebron try and do everything and Pierce carry the bulk of the load for his team – pretty much the same as the last time they played in Game 7 of the Eastern Semi Conference finals. KG had a very quiet 11 and 6, while Ray shot a very unsmooth 2-9 from the field. For the Cavs that means they blew it. For the Celtics it means they won a game with two of their old stars struggling and two of their young guys lifting – Tony Allen and Leon Powe combining for 24 points on 9/16 shooting. If age and lack of depth was one of the criticisms leveled at the Celtics coming into this season, Game 1 was a nice response to the doubters (i.e. me).

What an opening night for the Bulls! I know it’s only one game, but they’ve already equaled their win total from the first seven games of last season! ALRIGHT! Remember the Bulls went 2-10 to start last season – the playoffs were practically beyond them at the start of December. I don’t think they”ll make the playoffs this season but it’d be nice for the Bulls to give their fans a reason not to switch off before Christmas. From all accounts Derrick Rose had an impressive debut despite a few more turnovers than he would have liked:

He’s beating himself up over the four turnovers,” said coach Vinny D. “He’s a rookie and he’s happy we won the game. That shows the character of the kid, and you can work with people like that.”

Bogut Watch: The Bogey man is still hampered by his left ankle sprain and only played 26 minutes. But he didn’t miss a shot going 4-4 from the field, with 7 rebounds and a block. Not an ideal start for Bogut, but his absence on the court was probably a big reason the Bucks fell apart in the second half. It didn’t help that Richard Jefferson absolutely sucked in his Bucks debut going a craptastic 5-17. Also note Luke Ridnour’s assist total of 4, which was topped by Tyronn Lue’s (5) who only played 14 minutes. This could be the start of my “Get Rid of Rid(nour)” campaign.

I take back my comment that the Washington Wizards are the “most unluckiest team on the planet”. After missing his entire first season, Greg Oden sprains his foot on the third play of his very first NBA game. I’m trying to think what foul acts Oden must have committed earlier in his life to have this much bad karma come and smack him in the face. Maybe he murdered a few bunny rabbits or poked too much fun at old people (which is ironic). There’ll be an MRI scan on Wednesday to figure out how bad the sprain is, but hopefully this won’t keep him out too long. Like the dude at Lakers Topbuzz said, we hope he “doesn’t turn into another Bill Walton”.

The Lakers handled the Blazers easily. Kobe had an efficient 23 (9-17), 11 rebounds and 5 assists in 33 minutes, not as impressive as last year’s Day 1 dolphin-saver but unlike last year his team got the W. Keep an eye out for Trevor Ariza on the bench too – 11 points, 2 rebounds 2 blocks – a real solid start to the season for a player NBAMate’s own Tizzle once claimed as “the G.O.A.T”.


In another note, I think I’ve figured out why Two and a Half Men is still on Australian TV despite no one watching it the last five years, and why I’m starting to like it so much: there are lots of hot women on that show. For one and a half hours every Wednesday night you get to watch Charlie parade around with loosely-clad ladies by his side, ladies such as this. The show has been getting better the past couple of years owing to the steady increase in loosely-clad women, and judging by the show’s improved ratings my guess is that by the end of next season it will basically turn into soft porn. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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