Being a Detroit Pistons fan is like dating a bad girlfriend. She’ll take you on an emotional roller coaster ride (win in Boston, lose at home), she’ll lead you on (up by 10 in last quarter of game 6), tease you, then leave you hanging (lose by 8 ). She’ll make mistakes and tell you she learned her lesson (Miami in ‘06), and that she’s going to be a better person. Then she’ll go cheat on you again (Cleveland in ‘07). When people tell her she’s “past her prime” she’ll go and reinvent herself (new coach), get a makeover (bye bye Ben Wallace), buy some new lingerie (Rodney Stuckey), and start looking sexy again. Then the illusion fades and you realise she’s still a bit ugly (third straight Eastern Conf Finals exit in a row). She’s got an attitude problem (too arrogant), she can’t stay committed (Sheed), she thinks she’s too good for everyone (Chauncey). She tells you all year long that she’s the one for you (Flip Saunders), that she’ll make you the happiest man on earth. And then, just when you think you’ve fallen head over heels (dispatch Philly in 6), just when you think she’s ready to take that next step (Magic in 5), just when you think she’s worthy of a ring (win game 2 in Boston)… it all comes crumbling down. She walks away (game 6). She leaves you shattered, heartbroken, swearing to yourself you’ll never fall for her again.

But you do. By the time October rolls around you’ll miss her so much, you’ll have forgiven her, you’ll see past her flaws. You’re willing to give it another try, to forget everything bad that happened in the past. You wanna get to know her again, like it’s the first time round. It’s an addiction, you do it every year. Deep down inside you love her. You just wish she didn’t break your heart so often.

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