I’m sorry T-Mac. This isn’t going to be the year you break your six-time first round playoff drought. But hey, it’s not all bad. At least you’re not up 3-1 making spectacular predictions like how it’s “nice to finally be in the second round”, which is usually a comment reserved for players who actually reach the second round, not those who subsequently lose the series in seven. At least you’re not up 2-0 like your last two playoff campaigns with the expectations of an entire city behind you, only to see those expectations strangled to death in two tragic playoff exits. No sir. This year all that pain of missed opportunity and game seven choking will disappear like a fart in the wind, because this year you’re going to be swept before any opportunity or expectation has a chance to arise. This will be the easiest playoff exit to handle of them all.

Having said that, nothing rings more true than this quote from Rick Adelman (from the above linked article) which makes me think I’m a little unjustified in my T-Mac cynicism: “This is supposed to be a team game. In this league, they talk about really good teams, like Detroit or the Spurs. Yet when someone doesn’t succeed, they talk about individuals. C’mon. I don’t buy that.” Word Rick, word.

Is it just me or are the Washington Wizards making a complete dick of themselves with their attempted (though later revoked) trash talking and bad-ass tactics? They’re coming off like the Pistons of ‘91 who realizing they lacked the talent to beat the Bulls at basketball reverted to some strange combined form of wrestling and pub-brawling. The difference is that Pistons team had good reason to be the bully – they’d just won back-to-back titles and were renowned for imposing their mental and physical will with little resistance. These Wizards on the other hand have proven nothing, and are well on the way to emulating Detroit’s 0-4 result in ‘91. If you’re wondering what bad-ass tactics I’m talking about, check here. Brendan Haywood, I wish I could be a tough as you.

TrashTalk Playoff MVP
As a little bit of fun we thought we’d keep track of the “Playoff MVP”, even though there isn’t one – although I don’t know why there isn’t, I think it would be a worthy award. We’ll hand out three votes every day to the best three performers and keep a running tally here in my playoff diary. The first two days will have to be awarded retrospectively (check days one and two). And yes, I know these votes are unfairly weighted depending on how many games there are on one day, and which teams play on the same day, etc. But stiff shit.

Today’s Playoff MVP Votes:
3 votes – Lebron James
2 votes – Deron Williams
1 vote – Mehmet Okur

Playoff MVP Leader Board:
Chris Paul – 3
Pau Gasol – 3
Deron Williams – 3
Lebron James – 3

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