Ric, you’ve done it again. One of the best articles I’ve read about the MVP in recent years was this piece from Ric Bucher, where he looked at all the MVP candidates, didn’t award the MVP to anyone, invented six spin-off awards, talked about short skirts and sluts, and suggested his 3-year-old daughter might eventually decide his ballot. Well Ric is back in all his colossal acronymic glory, naming his MEP (Kobe), MEPFESFNHWB (Kobe), MVPOATWTBRITWC (Paul), MNGPASLYFHFP (Lebron), MHPAOTTWTBR (KG), MVPOTTWTBR (Pierce), MSIPOATWTMVPS (Amare), MVPVNJCI (Duncan) and MIPITWMTAGOV (Stephen Jackson and BD). I’ll leave you to check what those actually mean, but suffice to say Ric went a long way to explaining the exact problem I wrote about several weeks back – what does the MVP really stand for?

It seems like I’m writing about the MVP every couple of days, which is dangerous, because there’s far more interesting and meaningful things to talk about (such as the All-NBA Beard Team) and I don’t wanna turn into Maurice Brooks (Mr. Race to the MVP, who ironically, didn’t hang round long enough to finish the race!). So I’m not going to talk about the MVP for a whole week, not a word. Except for these two points:

  1. I said Kobe had to pull off a hero performance against the Wizards to stay in the MVP race after his amazing 53 point-1 assist performance two days earlier. Well, he didn’t exactly have a great shooting game, and I wouldn’t say his performance was “heroic” (despite making big plays in OT), but he did dish out 13 assists. Folks, this is typical Kobe. Two days after handing out a SEASON LOW 1 assist against the Grizzlies, he follows it up with a SEASON HIGH 13 assists against Washington. That is the kind of ridiculous in-your-face statement I’ve come to expect from Kobe. It’s the kind of gear-shift that makes you realise he’s willing to do whatever it takes for the win. And it’s just what he needed to stay in the MVP Race.
  2. Chris Paul is still my #1 because HE CAN’T PLAY A BAD GAME. He finished his world-beating month of March with these averages: 24 points, 13.3 assists, 3.3 rebounds, 2.7 steals, 55% FG and 46% from three point range. Oh, and the Hornets have the best record out West. I don’t think he could have had a more perfect month. With less than ten games remaining in the season, something really remarkable would have to happen for Paul to drop from #1 on my list (something like this). I don’t subscribe to the theory that if the Hornets don’t finish #1, Paul can’t win MVP. That is a load of crap. CP3 will be the MVP because he’s playing out of his mind and I don’t see that changing. That is, till I open my mouth again in one week.

I got my Hoopcity magazine today! This little baby is an Aussie-born mag that covers the NBA, NBL, Aussies in college, streetball, and even has something for the ladies. I really loved the D-Mac interview and the stuff on Pat Mills, definitely worth checking out. Go visit the Hoopcity site to order your copy or pick one up at the Kickz101 store. Like the guys said in the letter that came with my mag, this is an “open-community magazine”, so if you’ve got ideas, feedback or want to contribute then get in touch with the Hoopcity guys and make it happen. These guys haven’t slipped me any $$$ to say this stuff. I’m not getting any perks. I’m just passionate about promoting basketball in this country, and this magazine goes a long way to doing that. If you love the game like I do and you want a decidedly Aussie-twist on things, then do what they say in the mag: Grab your bal sak and go!

Hate to be using Dikembe Mutombo as the constant comic relief on this site, but check out this page with links to mp3’s of his greatest hits. These made me laugh.

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