Denver scored 168 points in a game. Let me put that into perspective. That is 75 points more than the Miami Heat average every game. That is as many points Ben Wallace has scored since January 15. That is more points than Brian Scalabrine has scored since the year 2006. It is a lot of points, the most scored by any team this season and since the 80’s. And it’s a team that probably won’t make the playoffs. Go figure.

The GRTT must be sick to death (or really bored) of coming up with new and inventive ways to make Miami Heat losses sound interesting. Let’s look at some of the game recap titles today:
Hayes’ long-range attack helps Pistons rip Hornets - I like this one. Gives a little limelight to a bench player, indicates he was shooting three’s well, and there’s even a little hint of a pun with the word “rip”. The GRTT love using “rip” in Pistons games.
Hawks draw even for 8th spot with win over KnicksAnother good one. Clearly explains the significance of the win. Even if you didn’t care about Atlanta you might read this game recap because you know playoffs are just around the corner. I feel they could have poked more fun at the Knicks, but they are a professional bunch the GRTT.
Whew, 22: Rockets do it again, stomp out Lakers - Getting a bit cheeky here. The use of the word “whew” makes them seem a little Rockets-biased, but how can you help it when these guys are streaking like this? It’s infectious, and shows how passionate the GRTT guys really are. I also like the use of the word “stomp”. Must have taken them several minutes to come up with that.
Cavs hold off Bobcats to win 7th straight at home – Effective, straight to the point, and also reveals an interesting stat most people wouldn’t know. Surprised they didn’t use the word Lebron – after a game like today they usually go with “Lebron narrowly misses triple-double, Cavs handle Cats” or something similar. But basketball is a team game. Lebron knows that, and so do the GRTT.

They’re your typical descriptive, insightful game recap titles that we’ve come to expect from the GRTT. But what do we get for the Miami vs Dallas game?
Mavericks pound Heat – Completely unimaginative and void of any detail whatsoever. I can’t even tell if it’s a game of basketball or a gay porn movie. Pound? Is that really a good word to use, especially when there’s only two other words in the sentence? A quick look in my Microsoft Word thesaurus for ”pound” tells me they could have used any of the following: hammer, grind, throb, pulsate. Hmmm, maybe pound was the best choice there…

Rockets win their 22nd in a row. You know, I didn’t really see this coming, certainly not after Yao went down. But the most amusing thing to come out of all of it, at least for me, is that I predicted the Rockets would be #1 out West before the season and despite how unlikely their winning streak has been, and despite the fact NO ONE has started talking about them till recently, I will take absolute full credit for making that prediction. Let me put that another way…. I TOLD YOU SO!

Could there have been a worse time of the season for the Lakers to lose Pau Gasol, if only for a few games? Right now a few games in the West is the difference between having home-court advantage throughout the playoffs and missing out on the playoffs entirely. It’s that cut-throat, and I’m not sure the Lakers can survive this next week or so without Pau – he’s going to miss games at Dallas, at Utah, and potentially two games against the Warriors (who would be licking their lips at the prospect of a Pau-less Lakers). If the Lakers lose their next two like I think they will, they’ll be sitting on 45-23, which could drop them to 6th or 7th. If they lose even one of those games to Golden State, watch out. You saw what the Nuggets did today and they’re in 9th. Now I’m not saying the Lakers will fall out of the playoffs… but has any one even mentioned that as a possibility? I think I’m the first guy. You read it here folks.

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at 3/19/2008 11:24:17 PM

the GRTT? ain’t heard of these guys before haha. you make me laugh

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