D-MacWe probably don’t talk about the National Basketball League (NBL) enough on this site considering we’re Aussies, but tonight we congratulate the Melbourne Tigers on winning the 2008 HUMMER NBL Championship (don’t worry, HUMMER is just the sponsor). It was a hell of a series, highlighted by Sean Lampley’s game-winning three in Game 3 and the Kings amazing comeback in game 4 (or should I say Tiger’s amazing meltdown). I saw both those games live, and while I haven’t watched much NBL over the past couple of years, I admit they were damn entertaining games. Check out NBL.com for all the details.

Tonight we must also farewell the Tigers’ Darrly McDonald (pictured) who has retired on the highest note possible – after winning a Championship. At 43 years old he is older than any NBA player today with a birth certificate (Mutumbo could be in his sixties), and he’s simply a legend of Australian basketball. Before T-Mac there was D-Mac, and he was one of those guys responsible for kick-starting the NBL in the mid-nineties when they use to pack out 10-15 thousand fans in Melbourne Park and the Glass House. D-Mac was a classy guy, both on the court and off it, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. For a nice look back at D-Mac’s career check out this article from The Age.

Interesting Fact: Sean Lampley played for the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors before coming to the NBL (check his NBA.com profile). His best game was an 18 point, 9 rebound display while he was at Miami, and despite the loss, Lampley still demonstrated his trademark cockiness: “I always had confidence in myself so I wasn’t shocked at the things I was doing… It was just something I’d been doing in practice and I was happy with the opportunity”. Pity he didn’t hang around, cos the Heat don’t have anyone going for 18 points and 9 rebounds these days.

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