The Lakers are realllly cruising. I said to one of my friends a couple of weeks back, “when Bynum comes back I don’t think the Lakers will lose again… ever”. I was half joking when I said that but it’s beginning to sound true. They are looking simply unbeatable. They beat you with their bench. They beat you when Gasol shoots 9-11 or something similarly ridiculous. They beat you when Derek Fisher decides to rain down threes. They beat you when Kobe decides to take over in the 4th. They beat you when Sasha Vujacic shoots 50% from three-point land for AN ENTIRE MONTH (February). They beat you with Lamar Odom quietly playing in career-best form. They just beat you. In so many ways, but in not as many ways as they will when Bynum comes back. Remember after the Gasol trade when they were at $13 to win the title, and I said it would drop to $8 pretty quickly? Well according to they’re already $5.50, only second behind the Celtics at $4.75. And Bynum isn’t back yet.

I’m not sure if all this success is giving Kobe dizzy spells, but it seems like his fashion sense has gone haywire. Today against the Blazers Kobe was playing with his socks pulled up (see below photos, courtesy ESPN). I’m not sure if he’s trying to set a new throwback trend or if he’s gone a bit senile. But I will carefully be watching the next Lakers game, because if the socks go up again I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this might be a new-look Kobe. Think about it. Who else in the NBA plays with their socks up? No one immediately comes to mind. I know Baron Davis sometimes does, as does Amare. But there’s no superstar players in this league with a readily-identifiable ”High Sock” trademark. Maybe Kobe has found himself a little niche there? If any one knows the reason for today’s high socks please email me. I wonder about these things.

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