Thank you to one very astute blog reader today who pointed out the following comment I wrote yesterday:

There are some that say they should be seeking out J-Kidd – I say this is a horrible idea for the Cavs because they already have someone who can’t shoot (Larry Hughes) and Lebron is a brilliant distributor of the ball anyway.

And we all know what happened today. Larry Hughes scored 40 points. In a game of basketball. One game. And he didn’t take 112 shots. No need to make smart-ass comments on this game because these guys already did it (comedy gold, and yes I’m aware I seem to be linking to this website every second day). But like any stubborn, opinionated NBA fan who gets proven wrong I am not FOR ONE SECOND going to take back that comment. No sir, not based on one game by Brick Juice (add it to the list). I could go on a relatively informed yet hot-headed rant about why Larry Hughes is a terrible basketballer and why this game was a fluke, but I don’t want to, at the risk of looking like a sore loser. I don’t need to respond to the email I got today, or the three people in my office who thought it would be funny to call me throughout the third quarter when Hughes was lighting it up. I don’t care. But respond I will…

So confident am I that today’s shooting performance by Brick Juice was a fluke, that I guarantee Larry Hughes will NEVER score 40 points again in a game of NBA basketball. EVER. If by some inconceivable miracle this does happen, I will make this t-shirt:

and wear it for an entire week. I will wear it to work, I will wear it out on the town, I will wear it when I’m doing my laundary, when I’m shopping, when I’m playing ball, when I’m watching the late news with Sandra Sulley and when I’m protesting in a No-Guns Anti-Hunting march through the city. I am so sure this will not actually happen that I’m not worried in the slightest. But if it does, I give you my word I will do it.

I didn’t get everything wrong today…

  • I actually picked the Sixers would cause an upset over the Mavs. They have won four straight and put themselves directly in the playoff picture – to my bemusement. But get this. The Sixers could very easily be riding a seven-game win streak come late February after facing the Grizzlies, T-Wolves, and Knicks over their next three games. Ladies and Gentlemen, we could be looking at the 8th seed in the East here. Oh my God.
  • The Lakers comfortably handled the Cats, despite another wobbly fourth quarter lapse. Playing alongside Gasol hasn’t dampened Kobe’s scoring; the Mamba turned in his third straight 30+ point game and had four steals to go with it. With a win over the T-Wolves likely, the Lakers could pull off a 7-2 road trip which would be one of the most convincing 9-game road trips I can remember (I don’t actually remember any other 9-game road trips)
  • I amazingly predicted the Rockets would win their 7th straight over the struggling Blazers (who are quickly sliding out of playoff contention). Rockets are starting to look dangerous, not that they’re making good on my pre-season prediction, but a playoff berth is looking likely. But let me ask you this… who in the top 8 out West would you say is likely to fall out of the playoff race? And you can’t say the Suns, Hornets, Mavs, Jazz, Lakers or Spurs. The way the Nuggets are playing I seriously doubt they’ll miss out on the playoffs. So that leaves the 8th place Golden State Warriors. I’m well aware it’s too early to be talking playoffs, but could we seriously have a final eight that is all but locked-up out West? I say Warriors for Rockets is the only possible swap we could have. That would make for a very boring last 30 games of the season if 1st through to 9th place wasn’t separated by ONLY 5 GAMES!

Looking forward to the Cavs v Spurs game on Thursday. If Larry goes for 40 on back-to-back games I’ll not only wear the tee, I’ll make twenty of them and sell them to Larry fans all over the world. Not that it will happen. It will never happen. Never again.

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