My Knicksperience in New York – PART I

Hey everyone, Tizzle here. Thought I’d put together some thoughts and observations about my trip to NY to see the Knicks. Hope you enjoy.

Game 1 vs. Houston

My NBA cherry was to be popped tonight and I was pumped. Walking down 7th towards the Garden I couldn’t help but smile as I was finally on my way to watch the Knicks. Got there fairly early to see if I could catch a glimpse of some of the team. Inside the Garden I found Marbury, Mardy Collins and David Lee working hard while the rest of the team had gone back to the rooms. Marbury and Lee were sweating their butts off as Marbury worked on mid range jumpers and Lee on post moves. All 3 passed by the tunnel to massive fan-fare. During warm ups Bonzi Wells was sitting on the Knicks bench for 5 minutes chilling and talking with guys and for a minute or so Nate Robinson went up the other end and was shooting with the Rockets players, who were feeding him the ball for shots. Steve Francis chatted with Curry and Collins for an extended amount of time.Yao Ming received the loudest cheers in introductions.

Houston jumped out to a 10-0 lead and the ‘Fire Isiah!’ cheers and boos were already up and running 3 minutes into my MSG experience. Went to buy a bottle of water at halftime and the girl who sold it to me took the lid off and said “the fans ain’t too nice to Coach Thomas, don’t want anymore of the lids getting thrown at him honey”. Yao brought the house down twice in the game with two thunderous slams, one on like 3 Knicks. Start of the 4th and Isiah got turfed for coming right out on the court, and the crowd gave a loud cheer for assistant coach Herb Williams. MVP of the game – Yao Ming who led Houston to the win, but for the Knicks Nate Robinson was impressive. After the game walking home ran into a couple of Portland Fans who attended the game, with some interesting signs. Check out the pics below!

Game 2 vs. Toronto
For my second NBA game it was the Raptors in town. I was excited to see Chris Bosh, and a large percentage of MSG was excited to see Jose Calderon who received a massive cheer from the crowd. I didn’t come as early this game so did not see who was working out extra, although I did run into 3 Knick City Dancers before the game. Yikes!

[Editors note: This is the best thing i’ve ever seen in a Knicks
uniform, and no I’m not talking about Tiz] – robd

I went down to press row to say wussup to Alan Hahn, one of the Knicks beat writers. His blog is easily the best source of Knicks news on the net. Game time and we were down early again and the boo birds were out in force. Gladly due to being down so much, Isiah turned to the bench early and Balkman (who had a DNP last game) got some burn and fired up the crowd. A random chant of ‘NY Giants’ went throughout the stadium as the Raptors were up by like 15. For a rookie I was really impressed with Toronto’s Moon, he came out very energetic. Bosh hammered home a couple of nasty slams and had a huge night on us. One of the highlights of the night came on the big screen during a timeout when the had an actors skit due to the writer strike going on in the US. 3 Knicks were to repeat a famous line and attempt to win a Grammy. The line was Chandler’s “how you doin?” from Friends. Wilson Chandler = no good. Mardy Collins = not bad. Zach Randolph = Terrible. So terrible in fact, all of MSG was cheering and laughing (including the Knicks bench), that he won. MVP of the game – Bosh easily, and for the Knicks I had Nate again.

Game 3 vs. Detroit
Being 0-2 since our arrival, I began preparing my girlfriend Sal for a big, big loss. I was bracing for the worst and thought a train wreck was on the way. Eddy Curry, David Lee and Jerome James were all working out still when we got into the arena. Jerome just some light work as he has been out all season. Curry was working with assistant coach Mark Aguirre on post moves. Managed to meet Walt “Clyde” Frazier pregame, one of it not the greatest Knick ever, and commentator for all my Pontel games I religiously watch. Walt was very approachable. When the Knicks ran out on the court and I did some quick mathematical work (it’s ok, I’m a teacher) I realised I could see 12 Knicks in uniform, and not one of them was Stephon Marbury. I asked a local sitting next to me if he knew why Steph wasn’t playing and he began on a rant why Marbury had ruined the team. Turns out Marbury’s ankle requires surgery. Sheed was hoisting left handed three pointers in warm ups and really did not look focused.

McDyess, Sheed and Prince were still working out when we were let into the stadium too I should add. During warm ups Sheed came down and was shooting with the Knicks for a little while. He also walked pass Q Rich several times and playfully pulled his headband down. The game began and I was nervous. I could see Billups destroying us. But within minutes of the second quarter we were up double figures and the Garden was rocking. In the third, Jamal Crawford hit 3 straight 3’s then had an impressive and1 on a fastbreak. Sitting a few rows behind me were some Detroit fans who were making fun of Primoz Brezec all game. Anytime he touched the ball they would cheer, and he slammed the ball after a foul was called. They were up and waving around ‘YEAH PRIMOZ, THROW IT DOWN!’. Unfortunately for Primoz, the rest of the Garden suddenly turned on him and began booing him the rest of the game. The same fans kept yelling out ‘Nice ball movement Zach’ whenever he got the ball, althought this game he just ripped the Pistons. Before the game the Giants/Cowboys game was up on the big screen and during one timeout the final minute of the game was up on the screen.

The timeout was the longest I can recall, and even when the players came back out on the court, everyone was watching the NFL. As it came clear the Giants won, the crowd went bananas. They managed to put Curry off his 2 free throws at the same time. I managed to hear some ‘Fire Q Rich’ chants during some of his brick laying. Balkman brought the energy again, with a nice alley oop dunk, and it was a huge win for a cellar dweller like the Knicks vs. the Pistons who had it going for them in the weeks before. MVP of the game – Zach Randolph, didn’t even play in the 4th as it was a blow out, but had 25pts.

After the game sent the most gratifying message my mobile has ever created, bragging about a Knick win, against the Pistons, from the Garden, direct to robd. How sweet it is!
[Editors note: This is unfortunately true. A message from Tiz never EVER means good news] – robd

More to come from Tizzle’s trip to the Big Apple..

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