Been a crazy couple of days in the L. Lets reflect.

I laughed hard at Caron after his post-game brain fade against the Celtics when he said the Wizards were aiming at a championship. Well, I laughed even harder when those same Wizards got beaten by the Knicks two days ago. A loss to the Knicks is more than just another game in the “L” column. It’s a personal insult to every single fan who supports your team, an insult made more hurtful after one of your best players tells you they’re gunning for a championship. I also recently learnt that Caron’s nickname is “Tough Juice”, something I came across on Basketbawful. That is a funny name, and has inspired me to come up with a few similar nicknames for others:

Shaquille O’Neal: “Stale Juice”
Vince Carter: “Soft Juice”
Kwame Brown: “Brown Juice”
Bruce Bowen: “Bruce Juice”
Tim Duncan: “Fundamental Juice”
Jordan Farmar: “Farm Juice”
Dan Dickau: “Dick Juice”
Stephon Marbury: “Cancer Juice”
Rashard Lewis: “Rip-off Juice”
Drew Gooden: “Bad Facial Hair Juice”
and I got bored just about there…

Larry Hughes please stop taking so many bad shots! Not a new argument by any means from Cavs fans, but nonetheless his lameness continued against the Grizzlies where he shot a woeful 2-8. I’m not sure if this message is getting through to Larry, so someone has tried to make it painfully clear. Thanks to you can now follow Larry Hughes in all his poor-shot-selecting, misfiring glory. Check out the website for more play-by-play highlights than any Larry Hughes fan could dream of, such as this excerpt (from the actual site):

2nd Quarter Highlights:
6:09 Larry Hughes enters the game for Devin Brown
4:52 Larry Hughes misses 25-foot three point jumper
1:01 Larry Hughes makes 18-foot two point shot
0:31 Larry Hughes misses 25-foot three point jumper

… and so much more!

How on earth do the Suns lose to the Clipps after failing to stop a 38-year old on a shooting spree? I really struggled to understand that. Sam Cassell is 38 years old and has played 25,351 games, while the Suns run and gun faster than any team I’ve seen. Isn’t there something wrong with that picture? I think Suns fans were just as shocked and surprised as I was. I feel sorry for Phoenix fans. They seem to endure so much frustration, as evidenced by the following chain of emails I had with my Suns friend Chucko yesterday. It started off with our daily customary game summary:

Robd: Denver v Atlanta – who cares. Chicago v Orlando – will be interesting to see if the Bulls can knock off a legit East contender, but really, who cares. Toronto v Detroit – will be interesting to see if Detroit can score more than 65 points. Washington v New york – will laugh hard if the Wizards lose this one and i will get stuck into some more Caron bashing. Golden state v Minn – who cares. Cleveland v Memphis – who cares. Philly v Houston – who cares. Phoenix v Clippers – you guys should win this game by so much its not funny. and who cares anyway.

4 hours later…
Chucko: Bloody clippers are shooting 56%…!!! And they are going for our biggest weakness, Big men defense. Almost all points are in the paint, and they have only jacked up 1 3pter.

7 minutes later…
Chucko: Of course, they are flogging their starters, with no bench time in the 1st quarter, I expect they will run out of puff and we will destroy them around the 3rd quarter.

17 minutes later..
Chucko: Why are the clippers still winning? What’s going on? We should be shi-ting it in! Bloody un-dependable suns… we never, ever have control of a game of basketball….

5 minutes later…
Chucko: Fuc-ing Cassell shot almost 80% so far this game, 14-18.
Robd: hahahahah you are going to lose to the Clippers! baahahahaaaaa
Chucko: Yes. Beaten by a breakout game from Cassell, shooting 77%. That, and Diaw’s sh-tness. And 33 rebounds to 47…. Oh well. That blows.

You can almost taste the frustration. I did feel a bit sorry for Chucko, but mate, if you lose to the Lakers today you will get no sympathy from me. In fact, if you lose to the Lakers I will probably write a “Why the Suns Can’t Win a Championship” blog. Probably best to deal with the fact now than in late May ;)

Some more email from TT blog readers…

1. Dont ever talk about Bynum again, you just killed my fantasy season.
2. How many future hall of famers could this young crop of point guards produce one day? Guys like Paul, Williams, Roy have already shown just how good they are. Paul is doing a great job in NO, Williams has made one trip to the conference finals already, and Roy has the surprise packets of the season…
3. Bogut. Bogut has played a great defensive season, and it seems like everyone in the bucks, and journalists and fans in milwaukee love him. Will he start to get more opportunities to score? has had some big games this month.

- Dime

1. Sorry Dime! I should have known pumping up AB would lead to something like this. Maybe I’ll write a nice big blog saying how underrated Larry Hughes is. If he blows out an ankle the very next day Cavs fans might build me a statue.

2. You are spot on. John Hollinger wrote a great article on Chris Paul about a month ago which made me realise how underrated (if that’s possible) he’s been this season. He’s on pace to become the first guy to go 20-10 in a long time… I think Timmy Hardaway was the last guy to do that back in the mid-nineties. You’ll need an Insider account to read that Hollinger article, but if you’re into stats, then the following bit impressed me most:

“Of the players 6-3 or shorter who have been in the league since the NBA began tracking individual turnovers in 1977-78, none has posted a PER that tops Paul’s so far this season. Only one had cleared 26 (Allen Iverson two years ago), and only three had cleared 24″. (Paul’s was 26.7)

That is pretty amazing and puts in perspective just how ridiculously good he’s been this season. I have him above DW right now only because DW has fallen off the pace slightly (well, to be more accurate the Jazz have fallen off the pace) but they are both terrific point guards in a league where the art of true point-guarding (new word I just made up) was seemingly lost. What I love about DW is his big-game mentality, so I’m sure he’ll get cranking once Utah’s playoff campaign gets underway. And we can’t forget Roy who has probably done a better job than ANY ONE in this league at leading a team with “lack of supporting cast” syndrome. Better than Lebron, better than Wade, probably even better than Kobe considering how much help Kobe gets these days. It means so much for the Blazers to have this kid running and leading this team – it will make Oden’s transition next year so much easier.

It was only a year or two ago when we thought Nash and Kidd were the dinosauric relics of a dying breed of point guard. But these new kids are so good that I don’t think we’ll even notice when Kidd and Nash walk away. Point-guarding is in good hands.

3. I got this email before yesterday’s Bucks game, so I think the Bogey man has responded for himself. He erupted for 21-10 against the Hawks in another good win for the Bucks. How good has Bogut been recently? His averages for the last 7 games: 20.3 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 1.4 blocks and a blistering 67% field goal percentage. The Bucks lost three games during that stretch (against the Suns, Lakers, and Jazz – no pushovers) but its pretty clear Bogut is in career-best form right now and becoming a focal point for the Bucks on offense. He’s been getting a good 12-15 shots every game recently, as opposed to earlier in the season where he often had less than 10. So Dime, it seems like he has already been getting more oppurtunities to score and will continue to do so, if the post-game comments by himself and Coach K are anything to go by (from

Bogut’s recent surge in production came after several meetings with coach Larry Krystkowiak, which led to more plays for him in the offense.

“They said they were going to get the ball into me a bit more. It’s definitely good to hear a coach say that, it gives you confidence,” Bogut said. “If I take 20 shots, I’m pretty sure I’ll make 50 percent of them or more, so the more shots, the better.”

“We’ve gotten a little more creative with ways to get him the basketball. I think early in the season it’s one thing to talk about, ‘Hey, let’s throw the ball inside and give Andrew an opportunity early in the season,” Krystkowiak said. “Shame on me for doing so — if he didn’t produce the first two or three times down the floor, often times we’d go to another option.”

Lets just hope he doesn’t break a leg against the Warriors on Sunday or I might never write again.

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at 1/21/2008 10:53:36 PM

“if you lose to the Lakers I will probably write a “Why the Suns Can’t Win a Championship” blog. ”

Well, maybe now you can start writing that “I always knew the Suns would win the championship” blog. you know you’re going to need it.

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at 1/17/2008 8:30:24 PM

[…] Here’s another interesting post I read today by robd […]

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