I think I put a curse on Bynum. I went and wrote that whole blog about how awesome he’s been playing, how he’s playing at an All-Star caliber, and how the Lakers look almost unbeatable when he’s on the court. Then he goes and does his knee. Lucky this is not the AFL so a knee injury means you can play again in 8 weeks as opposed to 8 months. But still, this is REALLY bad news for the Lakers. Not only was Bynum playing like a man possessed, but right now the Lakers are short-staffed at the centre position. Kwame is nowhere near the Kwame he was early last season during the Lakers big start while Chris Mihm will be sidelined for a few more weeks. Bynum’s injury means more minutes for Kwame and Turdiaf, and if you were writing an instruction book entitled “How to ruin the Lakers season” steps 1 and 2 would probably be give Kwame and Turiaf more minutes. Phil Jackson likes this idea no more than i do, joking “Unless Wilt [Chamberlain] comes back from the dead, I don’t know what else we’re going to do”. That’s gotta inspire confidence in you as a player, doesn’t it? I can just see Kwame in the pre-game coaches briefing…
Kwame: “So Phil, am I starting this one? Andrew’s hurt so this is my big chance”
Coach Jackson: “Yeah… you’ll have to start. We tried to revive Wilt Chamberlain from the dead but it didn’t work. So yeah… you’ll have to start”

PS – The only good thing to come out of this Bynum injury? We’ll get to see Mamba go back to his insane scoring ways. In 05-06 it was The 81, last year it was the four straight 50s, what’s Kobe got in store for the next two months? See everything in life comes to a nice equilibrium. Bynum gets hurt: the Lakers winning percentage goes down, Pontel DVD sales go up. Beautiful how it works.

I always like receiving mail from my blog readers and I received two particularly pleasant ones today.
SUBJECT: Put this in your blog and smoke it
It takes the pistons 3 quarters against the worst team in the league to get to 42 points. It takes the Suns the first 10 mins of the game to get to the same score… wooooOOOOOOT..

…along with a bunch of other abuse directed at Detroit’s extremely embarrassing loss at the hands of the Knicks. I will cop that one. Detroit were terrible, and Chauncey called it the worst performance he’s seen as a Piston. Who am I to argue with him? Luckily for me I didn’t follow the game on-line. I don’t have to follow Knicks games online. I’ll assume its an easy win and if we lose I’ll get about five text messages within ten seconds of the final buzzer. One usually comes from Tizzle (yesterday’s was “Ur boys got blown the f–k out!! Go knicks!”) and the others come from mates who don’t go for the Knicks but feel free to rub it in my face anyway – “way to lose to the knicks” was another I got yesterday. I also tend to get a copy of the game on DVD mailed to my house within two weeks which is very considerate. Thank you Tiz. Anyway, on to the other email…

SUBJECT: Get off Kobe’s nuts
Dear Robd, get off Kobe’s nuts. You would swear you were a Lakers fan they way you crap on about how good he is, which you usually do after he scores a lot of points in one game. In case you hadn’t noticed, Kobe’s scoring has dipped lately and the Lakers are actually winning. Bynum is now injured and you watch, the Lakers will suck. So get off his nuts.

I wish I got more mail like this. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a big Kobe fan. A Lakers fan? Not really (although I have a soft spot for them because I loved Magic Johnson and because Detroit’s last title came against them) But I do think Kobe is the most talented player I’ve ever seen and I will argue that till the cows come home. Like most media members/journalists/bloggers who appear to be on “Kobe’s nuts”, I always feel I need to sway slightly more in Kobe’s favor because a lot of people have a deep-seated  and completely misguided hatred towards him. I feel sorry for those people because they are blind to what Kobe is doing, and that is playing the game at a level that few have ever played at. I’ve tended to write a lot about Kobe because the Lakers have been one of the more storied teams so far this season. That is fact, but I guess they always are. So whether I’m “riding his nuts” or not I will keep writing about him, especially when he “scores a lot of points in one game” like he just did against the Sonics while hitting the game winner with 4 seconds left in OT. Thanks Kobe.

The Celtics lost again. To the Wizards again. Wow, I did not think the 70-win talk would cease so quickly. Which is probably a good thing because gunning for 70 is just an unnecessary distraction for the Celtics who really just need to deal with getting it together for the playoffs. The only reason the Bulls won 72 (and the title) was because they’d dealt with years of success before, they knew how to keep their focus on the big prize. The Celtics haven’t gone through that yet. This little slump is probably a blessing in disguise.

Why do ESPN game recap titles take a little while longer to appear then the actual link? The game finishes and after a while you’ll see the recap link appear, i.e. “BUCKS 92 PACERS 87″, then 10-15 minutes later you’ll get the real title: “Tinsley, Pacers ride fast start to 3rd straight win“. This may not bother you but I can’t for the life of me think why it would take so long to come up with a recap title and not have it appear straight away. How hard can it be? Do ESPN hire morons? Do they have a whole team of six guys brainstorming game titles to put online in that 10-15 minute window? Do they need that buffer to make sure a quickly thought-of title isn’t inappropriate? Is there like a Game Recap Title Taskforce (GRTT) who are put in charge of delivering this before the deadline? I wonder what that would be like…
GRTT General: “Right men.. you know what we have to do. The Mavs-Kings game just finished and we’ve got ten minutes to bring this baby home. LETS GO!”
*sounds of paper shuffling and frantic talk with Mission Impossible theme music
Perkins: “Sir I’ve got one”
GRTT General: “Excellent Perkins. Lets have it”
Perkins:Dirk goes for 38, completely f–ks up the Kings
GRTT General: “Ahh no Perkins, we can’t use that one. But keep up the good work. [whispers to himself] Man, it’s a good thing we have that 10 minute buffer”
Reggie: “Sir! I have it. Get this: ‘Sac blow 13 point lead, Mavs blow the refs and win from the FT line’
GRTT General: “My God men is that all we’ve got!? We’ve got seven minutes to come up with this damn recap title and I’ll be damned in hell if I”m gonna fail this mission! Now get your asses into gear and lets goooo!”

Caron Butler is delusional. Remember when I was talking about Kobe on Christmas day, how in a post-game interview he said his Lakers were gunning for a championship? Seemed like Kobe had a sudden realisation of his team’s ability, even if he did sound a little delusional. Well, today Caron Butler didn’t just sound a little delusional, he’s completely lost his f–ken mind. “Our eyes are on winning a championship”. That’s what he said. No kidding. Caron Butler of the Washington Wizards said his eyes are on winning a championship. Well let me tell you something Caron. My eyes are on Jessica Alba but that doesn’t mean I’ll be swimming naked with her in the Caribbean come next summer while she feeds me grapes and massages my inner thigh. This is reality Caron, and in the reality I know the Washington Wizards are about 13th in line to win an NBA title and I’m 11th in line to get naked with Jessica. That’s right. There’s more chance I’ll get that nude inner thigh massage than your measly Wizards will touch a basketball in June.  Haha ahhhh you made me laugh today Caron.

And that’s why I love this game.

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