You’ve seen the Most Likely list. Now it’s time for…

Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Unlikely To Happen in 07-08

10. The Orlando Magic thinking they got Rashard Lewis “on the cheap”

9. Isiah Thomas asking Violet Palmer for some sweet love after she refs a Knicks game

8. Allen Iverson calling a press conference “talkin’ bout practice”

7. Yi Jianlian getting a Milwaukee Bucks tattoo next to his ‘Thug Life’ one

6. Darko Milicic being invited to host Sesame Street the morning after a 1pt loss

(if you haven’t seen this yet, make sure there are no children in the room)

5. Shawn Marion’s jump shot beginning to resemble something slightly related to basketball

4. King LeBron James getting called for travelling, or carrying, or a foul, or…

3. Kove Bryant inviting Andrew Bynum over for a sleep over

2. Joey Crawford and Tim Duncan teaming up on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

1. Dallas versus Detroit in the 2008 NBA Finals, each and every game going down to the wire, and the final, deciding game 7 to be refereed by… Tim Donaghy.

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