Tizzle’s Top 10 Things Most Likely to Happen in 07-08

10. Walter Hermann taking out a restraining order against Kickz101’s Jobba

9. Dwayne Wade breaking an NBA record by becoming the first player ever to score 40pts without attempting a single field goal

8. Indiana asking Golden State if they can cancel last seasons trade, offering to throw in a signed Chris Mullin singlet

7. Sheldon Williams showing up on the NBC special ‘UFO’s and Alien sightings around the world’

6. The Celtics getting so desperate for a bench player they sign Oliver Miller

5. Matt Harpring taking a month off mid season to release a hip hop CD on TruWarrior Records

4. Jerome James finally cracking 400lbs thanks to his “Eat more-Train less” off season routine

3. Robd’s blog to go on hold for two weeks after Marcus Williams steals his laptop

2. Greg Oden receiving a ‘Happy 50th’ card on his birthday from the retirement village he lived in before being drafted by Portland

1. He had a quite season last year, so I guess the odds are on Ron Artest chucking a major wobbly this year – question is, whats he got in store for us?

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