With the East taken care of, it’s time to focus our attention on the West side. Tizzle and Jobba are back for another round table discussion on the big Western teams expecting to contend for title glory, the ones lucky to make the playoffs, and the ones who should basically tank games. Can the Mavs bounce back from their recent playoff nightmare? What can we expect from Kobe this season? Should Johan Petro be forced to bring hot French women to each and every NBA game? Check the podcast to find out.

(regular season predictions)

  1. Dallas Mavericks: “They’ll use Golden State as motivation to kick everyone’s butt – even better than 67 wins” – Tizzle
  2. Houston Rockets: “Houston will bolt through the regular season – they could have the best record in the league” – RobD
  3. Phoenix Suns: “It’s hard to take care of a guy [Nash] and limit his minutes when his team is absolutely horrible without him” – RobD
  4. San Antonio Spurs: “Expect the same routine from the Spurs as we get every year – they’ll start slow, people will jump on board other teams, and then they’ll pick up steam at the end of the season” – RobD
  5. Utah Jazz: “They’ve got a front line to rival any one in the league – the question mark is around Andre Kirilenko” – Tizzle
  6. Denver Nuggets: “The most important player on that Denver Team last year was Steve Blake… and they’ve lost him” – Jobba
  7. Los Angeles Lakers: “Bynum was the victim of a bit of a spray from Kobe and you’ve gotta ask yourself, is that team going to be a team?” – Jobba
  8. New Orleans Hornets: “There’s a lot of positives, a lot of potential for this team… unfortunately for them the West isn’t getting any weaker so they might struggle to make the 8″ – RobD


Sacramento Kings: “If they don’t win early, look for Bibby and Ron Artest to be on the trading block” – Jobba
Memphis Grizzlies: “I think Gasol will be a good influence on Darko… if Darko can grow a similar caveman-like beard it might add some toughness to his game” – RobD
Minnesota Timberwolves: “I reckon this team is going to be awful and my Tuesday night team could take them” – Tizzle
Seattle Supersonics: “There’s a lot of extra shots to go around now… will be a fun team to watch, but not a competitive team” – Tizzle
Golden State Warriors: “This is a team that won’t do much – they just happen to play well against the Dallas Mavericks” – Robd
Portland Trailblazers: “There’s only one way to sum up this team – if they’ve got Channing Frye as a starter they’re doomed” – Tizzle
Los Angeles Clippers: “I’m still waiting for Chris Kaman to bust out” – Jobba

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