2007-2008 Season Preview Podcast: The East

We promised a big 07-08 season preview podcast and boy did we deliver. It’s so big we had to divvy it up into two parts: the East side and the West side.

So listen in as RobD and the boys take a look at every single Eastern Conference team (yes, even the crap ones) and talk about their off-season acquisitions, the smart moves, the dumb trades, their title hopes or their lottery fate. Will the Knicks make the playoffs? Is Sheldon Williams the ugliest player in the league? Does Jobba have a strange man-crush on Walter Hermann? These are just some of the big questions we tackled in our look at the Eastern Conference. It’s TrashTalk at its finest.

(regular season predictions)

  1. Detroit Pistons: “Detroit are going to be there for their 6th straight Eastern Conference Final” – Jobba
  2. Chicago Bulls: “Not a championship-contending team until they get that low-post offensive scorer” – Jobba
  3. Boston Celtics: “For a playoff team to become a championship team they need depth, and I don’t think they have that” – Jobba
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers: “It’s going to be another back-breaking mission for Lebron James… if he plays the full 82 games they’ll be competitive” – Jobba
  5. Toronto Raptors: “Last season looked better than they really were because of a lousey Atlantic division… won’t be the case this season” – RobD 
  6. New Jersey Nets: “Will have trouble equalling their sixth place finish from last season… too many other East teams improving” – RobD
  7. Orlando Magic: “Won’t do as well as Rashard Lewis’ agent would suggest” – Tizzle
  8. Washington Wizards: “A team on the cusp – I like that word… need output from guys that aren’t in the big three” – Tizzle


New York Knicks: “Best front court in the East, on paper… would be good for the NBA if the Knicks make the playoffs” – RobD
Milwaukee Bucks: “That roster has the right chemistry, the right players… to make the playoffs” – Jobba
Indiana Pacers: “Probably the worst team in the East… Indiana is going backwards” – Jobba
Atlanta Hawks: “It’s gotta be Marvin William’s year… they may be in the playoff race at the end of the season” – Tizzle
Philadelphia 76′ers: “These guys are going back to the lottery… I think they’re the worst team in the East” – RobD
Charlotte Bobcats: “The only good thing that’s going to come out of this season is that the Knicks get to play them three times, so hopefully that’s three wins” – Tizzle
Miami Heat: “Their off-season was terrible…obviously with Shaq and Wade on your a team you’re a chance” – Tizzle

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