Painful. For Cavs fans and NBA fans alike, this series is becoming extremely painful. As I said in an email to my friend earlier today, this could become the worst NBA Finals series in history. I qualified that statement by saying that if we got at least one close game the series might be saved. But game 3 was close, and it was still… painful. For the following reasons:

  • Anderson Varejao, who the hell are you?! What on earth were you thinking when you made that horrible move with 20 seconds left and your team down by two? Did you forget you play with Lebron James who is approximately four thousand times the player you are? Did you forget that Tim Duncan is the best defensive power forward to ever play the game and maybe, just maybe, trying a shot you’ve never made before in your life against Tim freakin Duncan might be a bad idea? I’ve never been so upset at a guy with so little talent. He’s just gone from my “big clumsy token white guy” category to my “stupid big clumsy token white guy” category. And I don’t even wanna have to use that category. I closed it down when I realised Michael Richards is probably not worthy of being labelled “token” but you Anderson Varejao have opened it back up again.

  • How many times does an NBA coach have to scream “time out!” from the sidelines before his team responds? That’s not a rhetorical question either. I’m thinking maybe three, four times max. Go watch the end of game three again and you’ll see Mike Brown screaming it for about ten seconds straight. Can you imagine how heart-breaking it is for a coach to get themselves in a position to win a key Finals game, your first Finals game, but you can’t even get your boys in a huddle to set up a play you’ve been saving for this very situation your whole life? Mike Brown wasn’t just screaming, he was pleading, he was bleeding.
  • Has there been a bigger non-call in the final seconds of an NBA Finals game? Ever? Bruce Bowen’s jersey grab and pull on Lebron James was so obvious, so damn obvious, that Lebron chose to rise up for the three about ten feet behind the three-point line, with four seconds still left on the clock JUST BECAUSE HE KNEW HE WAS FOULED! That’s the only reason he took that shot then and there. He caught it, Bruce grabbed him, so Lebron thought he may as well throw it up. The fact it almost went in is a miracle. The fact there was no foul called was embarrassing for the NBA. And the fact Bruce Bowen was the perpetrator makes it even more unjust. I don’t know what to say about Bruce Bowen. First there was the leg-tripping incident on Amare. Then he goes and knees Nash in the nads. Now he grabs Lebron on a potential game-tying three in a Finals match and nothing happens. He only got whistled for one foul in all of game 3! That is ridiculous! That’s like Michael Moore walking into Krispy Kreme and ordering one donut. That’s like Snoop Dogg being caught with one gram. That’s like Joumana Kidd walking around with one black eye. Get the message? It just doesn’t happen.

I don’t want to be a hater, I really don’t. But unless something remarkable happens in game 4 (like Boobie catches fire, Lebron gets 40, Varejao learns basketball) then this series may be condemned to the unenviable title of “Worst Finals Ever”. And nobody wants that.



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at 6/14/2007 3:52:14 AM

Wow rob, reading that you’d think you were a passionate Cavs fan…

One key problem with your logic. Bowen’s foul happened as LeBron was dribbling, therefore, the fact that he took 1 more drible and jacked up a 3 would mean that the ref had a choice between two outcomes,

1) call the foul and LeBron shoots 2 shots (that’s right, 2 cos it is definately wasn’t in the act of shooting, even with the continuation rule) which would have almost certainly resulted in a Spurs victory; or

2) let the shot fly and give the cavs the opportunity to tie up the game.

Even LeBron came out and said that the ‘foul’ didn’t affect his shot. But considering the cavs shot 3 -17 from the 3pt line that game, it’s not surprising that it missed.

It is obvious that LeBron and the Cavs simply should not be there, and the NBA made its biggest mistake of the series (both from a logic perspective and a marketing perspective) by handing the Spurs the series on a platter by suspending Amare and Diaw.

I hope game 4 is a fizzer. That’s what the NBA deserves after it’s mistreatment of the Suns. :)

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