Here’s my thought for the day: the San Antonio Spurs are about to face their weakest opponent of the playoffs… in the NBA Finals. Read that again. After going through Denver, Phoenix, and the mighty Utah Jazz the Spurs are about to face a more inferior team than ANY of them for the ultimate NBA prize.

Now before all you Boobie fans start screaming obsceneties at me, let me state my case. I don’t think anyone would argue that Phoenix Suns are a better team than Cleveland. Right? Good, one down. The Utah Jazz ended up in the Conference Finals after beating the Rockets (who I consider better than Cleveland) and the Warriors (who I don’t consider better than Cleveland). If you had asked me before these playoffs had started “Who will go further, Cleveland or Utah?” I would have said Cleveland. But if you said “Who would win a 7-game series between these teams?” I would have probably said Utah. Six weeks into the playoffs I change that “probably” to a “defenitely” because the Jazz became a team that was far more dangerous than I thought. Right now, I think they’re better than Cleveland. Prove me wrong Boobie.

So that leaves the Nuggets. Better than Cleveland? Can you seriously tell me that over a 7-game series you’d pick Lebron and Boobie over AI, Melo and Camby? No way. I’m picking the Nuggets in that one. They only fell out of the first round because they faced Timmy Robot in round 1 – and ANY team in the West/East would have lost that matchup.

So is it possible that after facing the 7th, 5th, and 2nd seed out West that San Antonio might be facing an Eastern Conference Champion who is worse than all of them? I hear the Boobie fans screaming again, “Cavs won the ECF! That makes them the best team out East! Which makes them a top-two team in the league!”. Statistically speaking yes, and the “Runner Up” column for the 06-07 Championship will certainly show “Cleveland”. But frankly the Eastern conference has been so woeful in these playoffs that a runner-up prize is flattering (should be more like a Boobie-prize). Now Lebron and Boobie could prove me wrong, I’d love them to, but something tells me this Cleveland team has nowhere near the upset-capacity that the ‘04 Pistons or the ‘06 Heat did against their Western powerhouse foes. That Pistons team had rounded into one of the best defensive squads ever seen, the Heat had Shaq and a guy called Wade. The Cavs have Lebron and…. Boobie?

The Spurs have already faced their toughest opponent in the playoffs – the Phoenix Suns. They’ve also faced a very talented Denver team, and a tough in-form Jazz team. The Cavs on the other hand faced the weakest playoff team EVER to stumble into the post season (you can quote me on that) – the already ordinary Wizards without their big-mouth Agent Zero at the helm. Then they were lucky enough to face a team with Vince Carter on it. Enough said. Eventually they stumble against the Pistons who completed their back-to-back Easteren Conference Finals choke job beautifully handing the Cavs a Finals appearance on a plate. I don’t know about you but that isn’t the most convincing run into your club’s debut Finals appearance.

The Cavs are the weakest team the Spurs have faced so far, and they will prove it in the Finals with a cruisey 4-1 win. I reserve the right to put a disclaimer on that though: the Spurs might win 4-3 on the condition that Lebron happens to repeat his famous game-5 efforts seven times in a row. That will give the Cavs a chance. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lebron and I’m a huge Boobie fan (who isn’t a Boobie fan?) but a Cavs win here would be the biggest Finals upset I’ve seen in my life. In fact, I challenge you to find me a bigger Finals upset ever.

And I challenge you to mention the word Boobie more times in one page than I just did.


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